Should have been using the NADC Hydrant App…

And maybe it wouldn’t have happened. It shouldn’t have and has cost Go Plant Ltd £10,000 after the company were prosecuted for illegal use of a Thames Water hydrant. This is one fine amongst many as far as Thames Water are concerned, four companies were ordered to pay £18,000 in March and Thames have collected over £500,000 from various parties since 2017 for illegal hydrant use.

The economic and reputational cost could have been avoided by simply using the NADC Hydrant App, designed specifically to remove the potential of this type of activity. Other user benefits include:

  • Nearest hydrant identification
  • Hydrant use data capture
  • Faulty hydrant reporting
  • Track team performance
  • Demonstrate compliance

The Hydrant App saves a lot of time, is easy to use and reduces costs.