NADC Hydrant App Shortlisted

We are delighted to announce that the new NADC Hydrant App has been shortlisted for the Institute of Water South West Area Innovation Awards!! A massive congratulations to the team here at the NADC, with a special thanks to Phill Mills and Matthew Rowlatt who have invested a tremendous amount of time and effort in bringing this project to fruition.

Originally stemming from discussion at the Environment & Waste Committee, the Hydrant App is a great example of NADC listening to members’ concerns and putting in place a long-term solution to the need for multiple standpipes, and the burden of additional costs incurred, when working across water company regions.   In the short term it provides immediate benefits, including robust management controls, protection from illegal use of hydrants and possible £1000+ fines and savings in travel time by identifying the nearest authorised hydrant to the operator.

The App also demonstrates the collaboration between NADC, the App developer – eviFile, Aquam – the agent for most water company standpipe hires and FM Conway – the member running the pilot programme and Southern Water – whose hydrants featured in the pilot.

We are now post-pilot and following discussions with multiple water companies are now rolling out the coverage of the App, hydrant-wise, across England and Wales.   We are also approaching Irish Water and N.Ireland Water.

To find out more about how the NADC Hydrant App can benefit your drainage business, contact Mike Ockenden or Matt Rowlatt.

To register for the IWater SW Innovation Awards, please visit where we shall be doing a short 10-minute presentation on the new App to the judges!