Covid-19 Advice

Against the very uncertain backdrop created by the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the NADC has moved forward with contingency arrangements to continue providing a service to all our clients.

Although we will endeavour to maintain working from our NADC office to the extent that is possible, the nature of our business allows all team members to work from home in need. We will institute home working for our team members as appropriate to their individual circumstances.

The well being of our people is paramount to us and should any of our team members contract the virus they will of course be asked to take whatever time is necessary to recover fully. It is therefore possible that the Associate who usually takes care of you may be unavailable for a period of time, and should that be the case we will provide support from other team members.

We will endeavour to answer telephone calls as normal, but you may not be able to access your usual team member as first point of contact. Should this be the case we will take a message and arrange for you to be called back the same day.

We seek your patience and forbearance in these difficult times, but please be assured we will do all that we can to provide you with a service that is ‘business as usual’.

Advice to our Members

We advise that ‘sewerage’ has been included as one of the key worker utility sectors that has been published by the Government in respect of continuing education provision. We are interpreting this to include drainage contractors who are engaged in the provision of emergency services. If you have children that cannot be taken care of at home (which is very much the preferred option) they should be eligible for continued education provision at school. If this is the case and your school is closed, you should contact your local authority for guidance.

Following the effective ‘Lockdown’ announced by Boris Johnson on Monday evening we thought it would be useful to update the guidance we issued members last week and provide Protection Guidance per the attached note. We also provide some information on revised rules on drivers hours below. Financial advice will be coming in the near future.

First of all we do of course encourage you to continue following the advice and guidance that Government has provided.

You will be aware that as key workers, should you be unable to take care of children at home (which is much the preferred option), they should be eligible for continued education provision at school. If this is the case and your school is closed you should contact your local authority for guidance. Of paramount importance is to observe the working from home instruction if at all possible (unless, of course, when out on a job). If you need to visit an office or depot or treatment site, then observe the social distancing rules and ensure that you follow the hand washing and sanitising doctrine at all times. Please see the Protection Guidance Note for more detail.

In the event that you have any of the symptoms of Covid-19 (high temperature, dry cough or breathing difficulties – please see here for more information) immediately self-isolate and follow NHS instructions.

We suggest that you work only on approved construction sites, for required maintenance (which includes essential water company work) and in response to emergency call outs. Carefully risk assess each job that you are undertaking, and take heed of the assessment – refuse a job if the risks are too high. Please see the attached Protection Guidance Note. In particular ensure that you are aware if the client is or has been infected by the disease or is in isolation.

Please consider the following:

  • Obtaining as much information as possible about a job up front by phone and or e-mail – with photographs if possible
  • Avoiding direct contact with other workers or the client, and keeping at least two metres distant if contact is unavoidable
  • Taking payment by card remotely (in accordance with any contractual terms)
  • Being particularly careful to ensure Personal Protective Equipment is fit for purpose (including face masks with filters)
  • Dedicating multiple operatives to a job to make it as quick as possible – travelling independently to site if feasible
  • You ensure that your insurance policies are up to date

Your own health and well-being, and that of your family, friends and your clients, are of prime importance to us. If you have any questions or issues about the foregoing, please feel free to contact us – or or call us on 0800 0933 507

Members may also want to note the temporary easing of restrictions on the enforcement of Drivers’ Hours Rules – the details can be found here. The main effect is that until 21st April 2020 the daily limit has been extended from 9 hours to 11 hours and the daily rest requirement reduced from 11 hours to 9 hours. The weekly limit has been increased from 56 hours to 60 hours and the fortnightly limit from 90 to 96. There are other changes embodied within the Government Guidance, please check.

The NADC will remain fully operational and will be available by e-mail ( and by phone. As some of our team are working remotely from home you may be asked to leave a message if you call and we will get back to you. We want you to feel both supported and connected at this difficult time.

Scheduled Training courses have now been cancelled of course, but if you have any questions or issues about training and qualifications, please contact the course provider directly.