An NADC Furlough Message

NADC calls for change to furlough arrangements

Trade body proposes employees to be taken in and out of furlough on a weekly basis.

The National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) has written to Rishi Sunak, The Chancellor of the Exchequer, proposing much greater flexibility in the furlough scheme, allowing for employees to be moved in and out at weekly rather than three-weekly intervals.

Peter Stacey, NADC Chairman said: ‘As the Government starts to ease the Coronavirus restrictions it is vital that businesses are able to ramp up activity as quickly as possible to help with the recovery of the economy. Whilst we applaud all that Government has done to support business, we are concerned that the current furlough arrangements will inadvertently discourage drainage contractors from bringing people back to work. With greatly depleted cash resources, contractors are going to think twice before taking people out of furlough unless they have a minimum of three weeks guaranteed work. By amending the scheme to allow contractors to bring people in and out of furlough at a weeks-notice many more employees will be brought out of furlough sooner rather than later which has to be good for business and the economy’.

NADC members are engaged in the whole panoply of drainage services ranging from high pressure water jetting, excavation and repair, vacuuming and tankering, sweeping, effluent waste recycling, to CCTV surveying, patching and lining as well as unblocking. As the fourth essential utility service, drainage contracting will play a vital role in the smooth re-building of the economy.