Environment and Tanker Committee

Environment and Tanker Committee
Julian Wynne
FM Conway Water and Drainage and Traffic Management Director

Julian Wynn was appointed in 2017 to lead both the Water and Drainage and Traffic Management divisions. He is responsible for leading the commercial direction of both divisions, which provide services for local authorities, network operators and commercial organisations as part of FM Conway’s highway self-delivery model.

Prior to his appointment as Cleansing and Traffic Management Director, Julian was employed at FM Conway for nine years, primarily operating within our drainage and cleansing team. With over thirteen years’ experience within senior roles, Julian has specialised our

Water and Drainage and Traffic Management’s service to deliver a unique and innovative service. Julian is also a member of the National Association of Drainage Contractors. Julian has nearly 20 years of experience in the drainage and environmental sector, where he gained a good grounding for this with previous roles as safety and environmental advisor holding both NEBOSH and environmental management qualifications.

Through his position, Julian has taken lead on large scale contracts for the company, including HADDMS CCTV and mapping of drainage systems, developing data-led approaches to drainage asset management. Continually striving to develop himself and his team,

Julian continues to invest in our fleet and the skills of our people as part of our self-delivery model and commitment to driving innovation.

Environment and Tanker Committee
Daenerys Targaryen
Operations manager

Collaboratively reconceptualize real-time alignments before bricks-and-clicks “outside the box” thinking.

Environment and Tanker Committee
Robert Stark
Marketing Manager

Intrinsicly restore team building leadership with client-based ROI interactively benchmark.

Environment and Tanker Committee
Petyr Baelish
Office Manager

Phosfluorescently enable flexible quality vectors and client-focused solutions.

Environment and Tanker Committee
Jane Snow

Intrinsicly restore team building leadership with client-based ROI.

Environment and Tanker Committee
Joffrey Baratheon

Continually repurpose an expanded array of solutions without impactful schemas.