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    Join, it makes sense

    All of us at Drain24/7 Ltd would personally like to thank Peter and Martin for all their hard work that they are doing trying to save our industry from drowning. We decided to join the NADC, because they bought it to our attention What the water industry was trying to do behind our backs The NADC have spent so much time trying to get to government to listen even through the ups and downs and I’m sure there are many doors closed in their face but they’ve never given up the fight to try and save all our businesses. This is one of the reasons why we joined the NADC.

    Join the NADC now because drain24/7 Ltd believe that all of us together will make a big difference with NADC’s leadership and representation.

    Drain24/7 Ltd
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    Amazed by the progress the NADC has made

    “I have attended several NADC meetings and have been amazed by the progress they have made in such a short time, and by the hard work that has been done by a few for the good of many. The future is very worrying for smaller drainage contractors and it is time we all stood up together to be counted. The NADC is exactly what we have needed for a long time, no time more important than now, with the imminence of the Private Sewers Transfer looming in the not too distant future.”

    “I will fight to preserve and protect the business that my late husband, Gary, and I have worked hard for years to build, but like most small business owners, on my own I couldn’t take on the big boys – but together we can show them that we are a force to be reckoned with. In the longer term, I believe that the NADC can introduce a recognised standard for our industry to provide assurance to our clients whilst reducing much of the red tape we currently have to go through. I have already been advertising the fact that I am a proud member of the NADC, with their logo on our fleet of vehicles and soon to be added to our website and stationary.”

    Anne Gifford, MD, Southern Drain Services Ltd, Essex
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    Focused on delivering high standards

    “Since forming LDF, 5 years ago we’ve been very focused at delivering extremely high standards ascertaining H&S standards with CHAS and Safecontractor, being accredited by Exor Management services and being issued the Platinum award for Cscs commitment. We know commitment to standards is recognised by serious customers, the NADC compliments this very point and promotes a real possibility of recognised standards being seen for the industry. Business owners wanting to experience the lowest impact possible come October 2011, need to show solidarity with the NADC and move forward offering full support.”

    Danny & Lucie Fuller - London Drainage Facilities Ltd.
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    Be Heard and Contribute

    “With the imminent drain transfer looming Pro-Drain Ltd became a member of the NADC to be heard and contribute to saving our right to compete for business on a level playing field. Long term we see NADC membership criteria providing the consumer with welcomed assurance when choosing a drainage contractor.”

    Tony Cody, MD - Pro-Drain Ltd.
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    Genuinely have the drainage industry at heart

    “We decided to join the NADC, because we felt that they genuinely had the drainage industry at heart and could best represent the small businesses, at a time when no one else had even given due consideration to our needs as a company. We believe that all of us together can make a big difference with NADC’s leadership and representation”

    Manuel Santana, Manager, City Drains
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    Well worth joining

    “It has been well worth joining the NADC knowing that at long last the industry is being regulated. The membership fee that we have paid to join the association is a very small price to pay knowing that we are being represented and more importantly involved in discussions regarding the impending transfer.”

    “We would like to say a HUGE thank you to the NADC for all their support. We are proud to be a member. We have found the NADC to be an invaluable source of advice and information. We would have no hesitation in recommending membership of the NADC because of the professional way in which they help their members and are only always a telephone call away.”

    Diane & Kevin Andrews - Owners, Drain & Able
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    Amazed at the progress

    “I attended the first London meeting with 45 other companies and I have been amazed at how much progress the NADC has made with DEFRA, Steering Committees and other bodies.”

    “Having said that, I am equally bemused by the attitudes of many small drainage contractors that think this legislation isn’t going to happen or it won’t affect them! There is no doubt in my mind this transfer will take place in 2011 and my strong recommendation is that drainage contractors and suppliers should join the NADC now.”

    Paul Woodhouse - Director, WinCan Europe Ltd.
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    The welfare of drainage contractors at heart.

    “MG Drainage Ltd joined the NADC because of the coverage they are achieving in trying to find a resolution for Drainage Contractors in relation to the Private Sewers Transfer. They are effectively a ‘one stop shop’ for information and progress on this bill and have the welfare of Drainage Contractors as their primary concern.
    The committee members are all actively involved in the Drainage Industry and therefore are more than aware of the concerns that we all face, they are also a non profit making organisation. Since the NADC has been formed they have made steady progress in the right direction to safe guard our Industry and we feel we would be in a worse position without their efforts. We would urge all Drainage Contractors to join to ensure we have the best chance of protecting our businesses.”

    Mick Grant - MD, MG Drainage Ltd
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    Seeing the NADC as an excellent cause

    “We were involved almost from conception and could see the value of having an association as the voice of the industry. The importance of specific training seemed significant as did the emphasis on working to standards.
    We have been heavily involved in promoting the organisation, providing training solutions and advising where appropriate mainly because we see the NADC as an excellent cause.
    The NADC has come a long way with the help of its members both on the ground and at the board and committee level. Long may it continue.”

    Ian Cameron - Development Director at Viewline